Kenny, 43, Junior Golf Parent

Connor’s approach to instruction is very thoughtful, organized and efficient.  His vast experience as a player enables him to easily identify which areas his students need to focus.  His practice plans and drills have provided my junior golfer son a simple roadmap to follow.  Since starting lessons with Connor my sons scoring average has improved significantly.  Most importantly Connor is a good person who genuinely cares about helping his students achieve their goals. 

Bill, 78, Avid Golfer

I have loved and played golf since I was 8 years old. I'm now 78 and can say that Connor has significantly improved my game. I am left handed and have always been layed off and very inside. That made my iron shots and short game very problematic. With his help I am closer to being on plane and my short game has definitely improved. His emphasis on limiting lateral head movement has significantly improved my ball striking. In short, Connor is a very enthusiastic teacher with a great understanding of the game which he can use to help anyone who wants to really improve his or her game. His communication skills are excellent as well.

Luke, 24, Aspiring Tour Pro

Connor puts things into perspective. He understands not everyone thinks the same way and operates the same way. Everyone seems to be able to tell you what you need to do to fix your swing, but don't have the ability to show you. Connor can show you. Take a look at his swing and you'll be able to tell right away he's put some work into it. He always comes with a positive attitude to lessons and really makes you feel like he wants you to succeed with the knowledge he's giving you.